Looking Back, Looking Forward


Looking Back, Looking Forward

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Denison University

Publication Date

Fall 1988

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March 2013


Women's Studies newsletter November 1988. Contents: CONTRIBUTORS; INTRODUCTION; A LOOK AT POST-CHRISTIAN FEMINIST SPIRITUALITY, by C. Julia Coon; ON TRILOGY (FOR H.D.), by Jennie Dawes; PROSE PIECE, by Lauren Williams; MAUD DIVORCED FROM YEATS, by Debra Benko; CAMILLE WAS NO LADY, by Deborah Fleming; MORAL REASONING: A NEW LOOK, by Jeffrey D. Tritt; THE LAIS-MARIE DE FRANCE, by Melissa Wellington; THE CARRIAGE OF CHANTAL DE LA TOUR, COMPANION TO CHARLOTTE DE LA TREMOILLE, COUNTESS OF DERBY: THE FICTIONAL DIARY OF A WOMAN IN CIVIL WAR ENGLAND, by Debra Benko; SILENCE = DEATH, ACTION = LIFE, by Amie Klemphauer; Co-editors: Debra Benko, Carolyn Clark, Suzanne Miller, and Lisa Ransdell.

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