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Don Schilling

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1986, 2007

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Oral History


In his interview, Dr. Schilling discusses the climate for black students at Denison in the early 1970’s, both in the classroom and the broader social environment on campus. He talks about Denison’s diversity efforts with respect to faculty and staff. Dr. Schilling describes his work with students of color in three areas: 1) As someone who taught African History, 2) As someone heavily involved in the South African orientation program in the 1980’s, and 3) As Dean of First Year Students. He reflects on the incidents and events of 2007, commenting on the leadership role of the Black Student Union and the Administration’s handling of the situation. Dr. Schilling gives advice to current and prospective students for when racial incidents occur on campus. He reflects on his role, primarily as an engaged and supportive community member, during periods of protest and political action at Denison. And Dr. Schilling elaborates on the South African orientation program and its connection to protest efforts to change the university’s investment policies with respect to the apartheid regime.

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