Denison Journal of Religion


Walsh criticizes the imperialistic tendencies of the United States for not only helping to create an economic and social system that stratifies wealth, but also creates such deplorable conditions of the poor that their physical well-being is also jeopardized. This is seen most profoundly in sub-Saharan Africa where the AIDS pandemic has hit most violently. Furthermore, Walsh is disappointed in the United States for creating an atmosphere of inefficient humanitarian response. During the presidency of George W. Bush, the U.S. frequently gave government resources to conservative Christian groups that practice such things as abstinence only responses, making effective treatment to those suffering from the illness much more difficult. Walsh links this societal condition to a religious response by linking the subversion of the Empire with Jesus's work in the gospels. This, Walsh claims, serves as a challenge to Christians today to work against the imperialism of the United States and show respect to the dignity of all people by actively aiding in the fight against the AIDS pandemic.


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