Denison Journal of Religion


Walker uses the theology of Kelly Brown Douglas, Rita Brock, and Susan Thistlewaite, and the ethics of Marvin Ellison to consider a healthy definition of good sex. This conversation is continued by considering the societal changes that would need to occur to make the general outlook towards sexuality lose its oppressive nature"be it gendered or racial. Ideally, sex would regain its inherent ability to connect lovers to each other and to god. Walker points out that all of the authors view sexuality as an essential part of the human experience, and point out its inherent goodness as a gift of god. This goodness is skewed when sex is used as a form of domination, as it often is through racial stereotypes and sexual violence. Walker concludes that "good sex" is sexual acts that enable individuals to understand themselves, their fellow men and women, and their divinity better. However, finding a way to make this form of sexuality the norm, Walker acknowledges, is going to take many years of discussion and reform as society addressing the many factors that turn sexuality into a dominating, oppressive force.


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