Denison Journal of Religion

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Who’s that Lady?


This article considers the "valiant woman" from Proverbs 31 and explores the context and original identity of that woman while also questioning how to reclaim that figure for the 21st century's Christian community. Henning starts by acknowledging that this figure has come to intimidate women who look to the passage because it represents an impossible ideal. Henning, however, is also equally disappointed in the way many scholars have tried to reclaim this figure by ignoring the original context and using her to suit their own needs. The author comes to the conclusion that the woman of Proverb 31 represents Woman Wisdom"she is representative of another metaphor for God, and all of her super human works represent God's activity towards and relationship with humanity. This figure can then be reclaimed, Henning argues, by 21st century Christians as an example of God's work in community and the manner in which Christians can aspire to interact with all of humanity.


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