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In Hinduism, there is the fundamental belief that there is a greater connectivity than a physical one between the universe and the individual. That belief comes down to the discourse within the Upanishads that the Self (the Atman) is the same as the Universe (Brahman). However, there is the noise of the physical world that keeps the body separate from the universe. There are four states of being; waking, dreaming, dreamless sleep, and the transcendent state. In order to reach the transcendent state, or turiya, one must pass through each state of being. Interpreting dreams is the first step, and understanding how the dream is the voice of the atman is the next. Dreams offer a window into the unconscious mind, in which the person can begin to understand their own one-ness with the universe.

Tina Berardi '17 received her BA in Creative Writing from Denison University. She is continuing to work on a novel she started for her Senior Writing Project.


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