Denison Journal of Religion

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Student Advisory Board

Sarah Borron
Tara Ellison
Jessica Kramer
Daniel Rohrer
Robert Ross

Faculty Editorial Board

John Cort
John Jackson
Joan Novak
Harold Van Broekhoven
David Woodyard


Matthew Eanet graduated in 2000 with a double major in Religion and Political Science. He is currently studying at George Washington University School of Law.

Kelly Riggle graduated in 2000 with a major in religion and a minor in economics. In the fall she will be enrolled in the Tulane Law School.

Ryan ZambeHan is a current senior with a major in religion and a minor in art. After graduation he plans to work at "Design Industries" and enroll in the Heron School of Art.

Mary Ann Davis graduated in December 2000 with a degree in English writing. She is an "Alternate" for the Fulbright Scholarship and has been accepted in the MFA Program at University of Michigan.

James Boyd is a current junior with a double major in religion and economics. After graduation he intends to go to law school.

Rachel Egan is currently a senior majoring in religion. After graduation she hopes to teach in a parochial school.