Prologue: A First-Year Writing Journal

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Prologue: A First Year Writing Journal 2010


The Independence of Love: Leah and Kambili’s Rise from Colonialism, Lilla Grisham with commentary by Jack Wolfe 4

Crest’s “Pro” Strategy to Return to the Top, Bethany Klett with commentary by Matthew Miller 14

From Geek to Chic in Hewlett Packard’s Advertising, Gary Fleisner with commentary by Hannah Miller 20

Speculation on the Nature of Religion, Olivia Cox with commentary by Leigh Raynor 26

Coping with the Oklahoma City Bombing: Emphasizing Ideas of Rescue and Recovery in the Face of Tragedy for Children, Keara Pringle with commentary by Allison Kranek 33

Star Trek: A Guide to the Soul and Virtuous Action, Melissa Cherry with commentary by Shayla Poling 46