Prologue: A First-Year Writing Journal

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Prologue: A First Year Writing Journal 2009


Every Scar Tells a Story, Alex Daniels with Commentary by Ellie Swensson 3

Clorox Going Green?, McKenzie Hull with commentary by Natalie Gross 6

Feeling Transcends Language In Hemingway’s “Big Two-Hearted River”, Ryder Lamb with commentary by Brynn Lewallen 12

"In Any Circumstance . . . Freshness to Live": Storyline, Dialogue, and Cinematography in Rouge, Emily McIntosh with commentary by Alex Rosenberg 15

When Maternity Encounters Innocence, Lin Mu with commentary by Kevin Lynch 20

I Know How He Felt, Nozomi Onishi with commentary by Caroline Wilson 24

An Unattainable Past, Evan Pugh with commentary by Michelle Oyakawa 27

Springsteen the Cavalier: The Boss and the Bards, Megan Randall with commentary by Allison Kranek 31

Religion as a Framework of the Nomos, Katie Vaillancourt with commentary by Jack Wolfe 36

Cataloger's Note: This is the inaugural issue originally compiled in 2009, but printed in 2010.