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Portfolio Vol. VI N 1


Wyman, John. "Mrs. Brannon's Bathtub". Prose. 1.

Holbrook, Harold R. "Sonnet". Poem. 7.

Hayne, Barbara. "Prayer of A Youth". Poem. 7.

Egger, Ellen. "An Evening". Poem. 7.

Cuninggim, Merrimon. "Lambda Pi Beta Mu". Prose. 9.

Willett, Thelma. "White Rosebuds". Poem. 11.

Willett, Thelma. "Span of A Life in Mine". Poem. 11.

Willett, Thelma. "Seventeen". Poem. 11.

Willett, Thelma. "Ave Atque Vale". Poem. 11.

Willett, Thelma. "The Ashes of Letters". Poem. 11.

Miller, Albert. "...To One I Have Known and Loved". Prose. 12.

Wyman, John. "Browning the Artist". Prose. 14.

Brannon, Pat. "Revolution". Poem. 18.

Forsberg, Nancy. Unnamed. Poem. 18.

Kearns, Carolyn. "A Co-Ed's Wish". Poem. 18.

Goetz, Marilyn. "Fate's Fury". Prose. 19.

Harvey, Richard. "Man Who Ate the Cheesecake". Prose. 21.

Spike, Robert. "Mechanikos". Poem. 22.

Stodghill, Patricia. "Anodyne". Poem. 23.

Ladd, Donald. "Torch-Light". Poem. 23.


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