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Portfolio Vol. V N 3


Koons, Marilyn. "Apology". Poem. 5.

Koons, Marilyn. "A Woman's Request" Poem. 5.

Davidson, Sally. "Of the Present". Poem. 5.

Koons, Marilyn. "Escape in Memory". Poem. 5.

Stander, Marianna. "Self Portrait". Picture. 5.

Morton, John. "Consumer's Victory". Prose. 6.

Rhu, Helen. "Prize Winning Poem". Poem. 8.

Rhu, Helen. "To the Victor". Poem. 8.

Rhu, Helen. "Fantasy at Midnight". Poem. 8.

Tomlin, Bonnie. "The Drag". Picture. 8.

Morse, Kay. "In Spite of all..." Prose. 9.

Metcalf, Carolyn. "Isolation". Cartoon. 12.

Koons, Marilyn. "In Black and White". Prose. 14.

Harvey, Dick. "Through Enemy Eyes". Prose. 15.

Vercoe, Mary. "Storm".Poem. 16.

Vercoe, Mary. "Refuge".Poem. 16.

Vercoe, Mary. "Recovery".Poem. 16.

Vercoe, Mary. "Temporary Address".Poem. 16.

Hill, Jacque. "Weary Words". Poem. 17.

Brannon, Earl W. "The Fall". Poem. 17.

T.W. "Gardenias". Poem. 17.

Hayne, Barbara. "Window Tears". Poem. 17.

Burrows, Pete. "Family Portrait". Prose. 18.

Seagrave, Leslie. "Retribution". Prose. 19.

Benson, Virginia. "The Moon Came Up". Prose. 21.

Reynolds, Virginia. "Matter Over Mind". Prose. 22.