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Portfolio Vol. V N 2


Koons, Marilynn. "America Is". Poem. 4.

Rucker, J.G. "Nothing but the Beat". Prose. 5.

Wyman, John. "Pringle". Prose. 6.

Tolan, Marace. "Hands at Midnight". Poem. 7.

Wright, Edward A. "All in a Day's Work". Prose. 8.

Benson, Virginia. "Now is the Time". Prose. 9.

Moll, Wilhelm. "The Dead Lover". Prose. 12.

Flammt, Marga. "Escape". Poem. 14.

Rolph, Alice. "Fancy's Flight". Poem. 14.

Vercoe, Mary. "Future". Poem. 14.

Klammt,Marga. "Parting". Poem. 14.

Anonymous. "Denisoniana". Picture. 10.

Benson, Virginia. "Marquand-H.M. Pulham. Esquire". Prose. 15.

Benson, Virginia. "Junior Miss". Prose. 15.

Reynolds, Virginia. "Stubs of the Jungle". Prose. 16.

Masquers. "Thespiana". Prose. 17.

Anonymous. "How to Knit a Sweater, or, Eighteen Holes". Prose. 20.