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Portfolio Vol. V N 1


Dippery, Franklin M. Unnamed. Prose. 2.

Shields, Margaret. "The Dance". Prose. 4.

Raymond, Toby. "Tundra". Prose. 7.

Pruyn, Scott. "Lest We Forget". Poem. 9.

Tolan, Maurice. "Pronounced 'Mejico'". Picture. 10.

Phillips, Alison. "Pronounced "Mejico"". Prose. 10.

Benson, Virginia. "Matter of Opinion". Poem. 12.

Benson, Virginia. "Cloud Shadows". Poem. 12.

Benson, Virginia. "Autumn Organist". Poem. 12.

Sherman, Hoyt Leon. "Orchard". Picture. 12.

Nussbaum, Ervin. "The End of John Brown". Picture. 13.

Brannon, Pat. "Revolution". Poem. 13.

Anonymous, Pat. "A Dream". Poem. 13.

Anonymous, Pat. "Her". Poem. 13.

Seagrave, Leslie. "Tibetan Rug". Prose. 14.

Benson, Virginia. "Cronin-The Keys of the Kingdom". Prose. 15.

Benson, Virginia. "Koestler-Darkness at Noon". Prose. 15.

Jones, Charles. "Mr. Doakes Almost Goes to Washington". Prose. 16.

Collins, Peggy. "Thespiana". Prose. 18.

Smith, Duke. "Keeping the Records Straight". Prose. 19.