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Portfolio Vol. IV N 4


Wager, Dick. "Collective Bargaining." Prose. 3-5.

Raymond, Toby. "Lochinvar Rides Again." Poetry. 6.

Wyman, John. "Lily of the Alley." Prose. 8-9.

Benson, Virginia. "Lost Cause." Prose. 10.

Collins, Peg. "The Curtain Falls." Prose. 11.

Dorsey, Ann. "Jack." Picture. 12.

Sulke, Jim. "Old Pete." Picture. 12.

Myers, Sue. "Jerry." Picture. 12.

Rosenthal, Joan. "Canadian Farmhouse." Picture. 13.

Deeds, Ed. "Mirror Lake." Picture. 13.

Peters, Doris. "Trees." Picture. 13.

Seagrave, Leslie. "Chinese Coins." Poetry. 14.

White, Molly. "Thoughts in the Rain." Poetry. 14.

Smith, Duke. "Keeping the Records Straight." Prose. 15.

Stocker, Ed. "Joe." Prose. 16-17.

Saunders, John. "Seven Year's Luck." Prose. 19-22.