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Portfolio Vol. IV N 3


Benson, Virginia. "Rejected." Prose. 3.

Phillips, Alison. "Lure in April." Poetry. 6.

Shields, Margaret. "Wedding Morning." Prose. 7.

Willett, Thelma. "Ex Libris: G.K.W." Poetry. 8.

Benson, Virginia. "High Note." Poetry. 8.

Maxwell, Bob. "Discovery." Poetry. 8.

Eschman, Karl. "The Case for Modern Music." Prose. 8-9.

Wyman, John. "Dissonance." Prose. 10-11.

Hart, Dorothy. "The Origin of Memorial Day." Prose. 12.

Reed, Roger. "Notes on the Drama." Prose. 13.

Parker, Mab. "Black Girl." Picture. 14.

Mather, William. "The Pasquin." Prose. 15.

Hammer, John. "Over the Green Grass." Prose. 16.

Maxwell, Bob. "Genesis..." Poetry. 19.

Maxwell, Bob. "We Three." Poetry. 19.

Stransky, Ed. "Concerning The Well-Known 'Butch.'" Prose. 20.

Seagrave, Leslie. "Memory." Prose. 21.