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Portfolio Vol. IV N 2


Mahood, Danner L. "War Sonnets." Poetry. 2.

Lenser, Eugene. "Landscape." Picture. 2.

Lay, Mary Virginia. "Damned Laughter." Prose. 3-4.

Card, Dorothy. "They Call It Love." Prose. 5.

Kinney, John. "Maestro." Prose. 7-9.

Anstaett, Joe. "Styleglance." Picture. 6.

Beckham, Adela. "Still the Echo." Poetry. 10.

Bridge, Robert. "Design for Life." Prose. 11.

Seagrave, Dr. Gordon. "Letter from Burma." Prose. 12-13.

Chin, David K. "To know their theatre is to know the Chinese people." Prose. 15.

Jones, Charles. "The Bookshelf." Prose. 16.

Smith, Duke. "Keeping the Records Straight." Prose. 17.

Beckham, Adela. "If Love Could Be." Prose. 19.

Raymond, Toby. "The Courtship of Miles Standish." Poetry. 20.

King, Horace. "The Case for Modern Art." Prose. 21-22.

Elliot, Frances Gray. "Black and White Dancers." Picture. 10.


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