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Portfolio Vol. IV N 1


Phillips, Alison. "Reflection." Poetry. 2.

Rood, John. "The Accused." Picture. 2.

Lay, Mary Virginia. "Irony." Poetry. 6.

Lay, Mary Virginia. "Not Know God?" Poetry. 6.

Shields, Margaret. "Hope." Poetry. 6.

Rogers, Tom. "Football and Education." Prose. 7.

Hammer, John. "Red?" Prose. 3-4.

Brown, Kenneth I. "The Christmas Guest." Prose. 5.

Price III, Ira. "Thomas Carlyle-Political Reactionary." Prose. 8-10.

Tinnerman, Betty. "Greater Love Hath No Man." Prose. 11.

Hall, Jim. "Gentlement--To Arms!" Prose. 12-13.

Benson, Virginia. "Drop That Hammer!" Prose. 14-15.

Wilson, William. "Thomas Wolfe--Volcano." Prose. 16.

Seagrave, Leslie. "Trelawney." Prose. 16.

Chester, Bob. "Keeping the Records Straight." Prose. 17.

Wurdman, Audrey. "I, II, XLIX." Poetry. 18.

Auslander, Joseph. "These Are the Wounds." Poetry. 19.

Auslander, Joseph. "Christmas Encyclical." Poetry. 19.

Auslander, Joseph. "Encounter With Keats." Poetry. 19.

Koncana, Jean. "Backstage at the Opera House." Prose. 20.

Timrud, David. "Ward Seventy Tonight." Prose. 21-22.

Roach, Margaret. "Wedding Bells." Prose. 23-26.

Close, Dean. "Back Country." Picture. 6.