Article Title

Portfolio Vol. III N 4


Moll, Willlie. "I Was in Kitchener Camp." Prose. 5-6.

Barrington, John. "The Pledging of Homer McGunk." Prose. 7-9.

Stewart, John. "In Time of Death." Prose. 10.

Lindsey, Arthur Ward. "Retrospect." Prose. 11-13.

Phillips, Allison. "Blue Moon." Poetry. 14.

Yoxall, Lindsey E. "Pro Patria." Prose. 15-16.

Beckham, Adela. "Wind--Dreams." Poetry. 18.

Fields, Brooks. "The Doctor Takes a Trip." Prose. 19-20.

Deane, Dorothy. "Review of New Books." Prose. 21.

Smith, Duke. "Review of New Recordings." Prose. 21.

Timrud, David. "Refugee." Prose. 22-23.


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