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Portfolio Vol. III N 3


Ewart, Alison. "Revenge." Prose. 3-4.

Maxwell, Bob. "Christ in Cleats." Prose. 5.

Martindale, Virginia. "Somnolence." Poetry. 6.

Frey, Erwin F. "Isolt." Picture. 6.

Puffer, Harriet. "Thirteenth Hour." Prose. 7-8.

Cox, James. "Selling Denison." Prose. 9-10.

Beckham, Adela. "Admonition." Poetry. 12.

Homer, Winslow. "Watching the Breakers." Picture. 12.

Varney, Chester. "The Snake Tree." Prose. 13-16.

Smith, Bob. "Review of New Recordings." Prose. 17.

Deane, Dorothy. "Review of New Books." Prose. 17.

Taylor, Dave. "An Artist Prepares." Prose. 19.

Gratza, Margaret. "Poems." Poetry. 20.

Reeder, Lydia. "Landscape." Picture. 20.

Royce, Joe. "Youth Hostels." Prose. 21-28.