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Portfolio Vol. III N 1


Metcalf, Caroline. "Master of the World." Prose. 3-5.

Phillips, Alison. "Eulogies." Poetry. 6.

Chadeayne, Robert O. "Oak Street." Picture. 6.

Bethune, Don. "Denisonism." Prose. 7-8.

Maxwell, Bob. "My Star." Prose. 9-11.

V_______, S_______. "Poet Philosopher." Poetry. 12.

Ewart, Alison. "Pious Fraud." Prose. 13-15.

Beckham, Adela. "Reflections." Poetry. 16.

Velicka, Edward. "Portrait." Picture. 16.

Deane, Dorothy. "Review of New Books." Prose. 17.

Smith, Bob. "Review of New Recordings." Prose. 17.

Franke, Ruth. "Original Designs." Picture. 18.

Black, Jim. "Drama." Prose. 19-20.

Nadel, Norman S. "Initial Plunge." Prose. 23-24.