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Portfolio Vol. II N 4


Browne, Phil. "Alumni". Picture. 2.

Martindale, Virginia. "A Statue By Jude". Prose. 3.

Maxwell, Robert. "Reflections". Poem. 6.

Lewis, Lucy. "Quiet Zone". Prose. 7.

Varney, Chester. "Tinder Box". Prose. 9.

Beckham, Adela. "Spring Harvest". Poem. 10.

Beckham, Adela. "Morning". Poem. 10.

Black, James. "The Drama at Denison". Prose. 11.

Mackie, Reino. "Landscape". Picture. 6.

Flory, Doris. "April Showers". Poem. 14.

Flory, Doris. "Aspiration". Poem. 14.

Wager, Dick. "Solitude". Poem. 14.

Wager, Dick. "Regret". Poem. 14.

Bastida, Sorella y. "Children on the Beach". Picture. 14.

Saunders, Paul. "Review of New Books". Prose. 15.

Smith, Bob. "Review of New Recordings". Prose. 15.

Mitchell, Dave. "A Farmyard". Picture. 16.

Bonnet, Elsie. "Hidden Village". Picture. 16.

Taylor, Dave. "Concerning Art". Prose. 17.

Browne, Phil. "Master Craftsman". Picture. 18.

Deeds, Ed. "Brothers, Sing On". Prose. 19.

Boyd, Kate Olive. "Spring at Denison". Poem. 20.

Barss, William. "Landscape". Picture. 20.

Deane, Dorothy. "The Taming of the Shrew". Prose. 21.