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Portfolio Vol. II N 3


Jeffers, Robinson. "From 'The Beaks of Eagles'". Poem. 6.

Clement, Harry. "Mr. Bigger Tries Faith". Prose. 7.

Shaw, A.A. "Students of Denison". Prose. 9

Deweerd, H.A. "New German War Prophets". Prose. 11.

West, Bill C. "Reproach". Poem. 14.

West, Bill C. "Dilemma". Poem. 14.

Manship, Paul. "Dancer and Gazelles". Picture. 14.

Saunders, Paul. "Review of New Books". Prose. 15.

Smith, Bob. "Review of New Records". Prose. 15.

Picasso, Pablo. "Nude (Pink)". Picture. 16.

Korbel, Mario. "The Andante". Picture. 16.

Bethune, Don. "Review of 'Susan and God'". Prose. 17.

Baily, Bernard. "Thornton Wilder's 'Out Town" Reviewed". 17.

Maxwell, Robert. "Reflections". Poem. 18.

Carter, Clarence Holbrook. "July". Picture. 18.

Browne, Phil. "The Drag". Picture. 2.

Browne, Phil. "A Faithful Servant". Prose. 19.

Hanna, Stanley. "Jazz". Poem. 20.

Hanna, Stanley. "M.A.". Poem. 20.

Whistler, James McNeill. "Rotherhithe".

Wager, Dick. "Black". Poem. 22.

Wager, Dick. "Ruthless". Poem. 22.

Wager, Dick. "Train". Poem. 22.

Martindale, Virginia. "Song of a Cynic". Poem. 22.

Blazys, Alexander. "Russian Dancers". Picture. 22.

Price II, Ira. "The Rains Fell". Prose. 5.


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