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Portfolio Vol. II N 2


Browne, Phil. "Beaver ad Sawyer at Night". Picture. 2.

Varney, Chester. "To Dream Beyond". Prose. 3.

West, Bill C. "Admonition" Poem. 6.

West, Bill C. "Insomnia" Poem. 6.

Barlow, Don. "Heart Determines". Prose. 7.

Gordon, Robert. "From an Unknown Innocent to..." Poem, 11.

Black, James. "Playing Around". Prose. 13.

Parsons, Edith. "The Turtle Baby". Picture. 14.

Deeds, Ed. "Raymond Scott - - Classic Swing". Prose. 15.

Schrechkengost, Viktor. "Black Sheep-The Creature God Forgot". Picture. 14.

Smith, Bob. "Review of New Recordings". Prose. 15.

Saunders, Paul. "Book Reviews and Comments". Prose. 16.

Browne, Phil. "to Patsy". Picture. 17.

Sandor, Joseph. "Meditation". Picture. 18.

Maxwell, Kenneth. Unnamed. Poem. 18.

Sweitzer, Harry J. "Social Life at Denison". Prose. 19.

Flory Doris. "The Student Rationalizes". Poem. 20.

Flory Doris. "On Noisess". Poem. 20.

Bethune, Don. "Senior's Lament". Poem. 20.

Flory, Doris. "Lines on Lines". Poem. 20.

Beckham, Adela. "My Man". Poem. 20.