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Portfolio Vol. II N 1


Browne, Phil. "The Approach to Fraternity Row". Picture. 2.

Simmons, Fate. "The Sand House". Prose. 3.

The College Catbird, Groucho. "Ode to my Fellow Students". Poem. 6.

Varney, Chester. "The Tramp". Prose. 7.

Browne, Phil. "Shell Shock". Prose. 9.

West, Bill C. "Mr. Freud...". Poem. 10.

West, Bill C. "Bacchanal". Poem. 10.

De Chavannes, Pierre Puvis de. "Summer". Poem. 10.

Pierce, Ames. "A Student Looks at Europe". Prose. 11.

Timrud, David. "Though you Knew it Not". Poem. 13.

Timrud, David. "Le Joi De Vivre". Poem. 13.

Timrud, David. "The Ghostly Loom". Poem. 13.

Dohanos, Stephen. "West Quoddy Light, Maine". Picture. 13.

Millet, Jean Francois. "Peasants Going to Work". Picture. 14.

Kent, Rockwell. "Maine Coast". Picture. 14.

Beier, Dean. "Review of New Recordings". Prose. 15.

Beier, Dean. "Advice on Band Booking". Prose. 15.

Millay, Edna St. Vincent. "From 'Conversation at Midnight'". Prose. 16.

Black, James. "Playing Around". Prose. 17.

Saunders, Paul. "Review of New Books".Prose. 17.

Salietti, Alberto. "A country Woman". Picture. 18.

Eschman, Barbara. "Color Scheme". Poem. 18.

Whitehead, Richard. "A Tribute". Picture. 19.

Beckham, Adela. "Gethsemane". Poem. 20.

Beckham, Adela. "Blues Singer". Poem. 20.

Flory, Doris. "Revelation". Poem. 20.

Flory, Doris. "Fervor". Poem. 20.

Hanna, Stanley. "Men of Fortune". Poem. 20.

Sweitzer, Harry J. "Denison and Education". Prose. 21.

Hopkins, Kate. "Twillight". Prose. 23.

Hopkins, Kate. "Afterward". Prose. 23.


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