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Portfolio Vol. I N 3


Sweitzer, Harry J. "Portfolio Goes to Press". Prose. 1.

Browne, Phil. "William Howard Doane Library". Picture. 2.

Overhuls, James. "Out of Himself". Prose. 3.

MacNeill, Annie Marie. "To President and Mrs. Shaw". Poem. 6.

Baker, George. "Saint in a Silo". Prose 7.

Beckham, Adela. "In Moods". Poem. 8.

Vincent, Charles. "Incident of August 7, 1930." Prose. 9.

Flory, Doris. "Opinions". Poem. 10.

Flory, Doris. "Thoughts in Spring". Poem. 10.

Flory, Doris. "Breakfast Scene". Poem. 10.

Shaw, Robert B. "A Date for the Dances". Prose. 11.

Cronberger, Barbara. "And the Years Go On". Prose. 13.

Hanna, Stanley. "Reola, Reola". Poem. 14.

Hanna, Stanley. "The Dance of the Kobolds". Poem. 14.

Nadel, Norman. "I died Last Night". Prose. 15.

Bethune, Don S. "Adolescence". Poem 16.

Vodev, Eugene. "The Black Day of Bulgaria". Prose. 17.

Dick, Pewilla. "To a White Violet". Poem. 18.

Dick, Pewilla. "As With Your Shadow". Poem. 18.

Dwelly, Thorndike. "Of Mice and Men". Prose. 19.

Clements, Helen. "Our Town". Prose. 19.

Schlle, Alice. "Marion is an Old Costume". Picture. 20.

Chadeayne, Robert. "Factory". Picture. 20.

Nadel, Norman. "Dmitri Shostakovitch". Prose. 21.

Stewart, John. "Duke Ellington's Records". Prose. 21.

Beck, Virginia. "The Dance as an Art". Prose. 22.

Dick, Pewilla. "Death". Poem. 23.

Flory, Doris. "On Reforms". Poem. 24.

Beckham, Adela. "The Lie". Poem. 24.

Bethune, Don. "Futility". Poem. 24.