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Portfolio Vol. I N 2


Wiley, Thomas R. "In the Cathedral, Mexico City". Picture. 2.

Whitehead, Richard Jr. "Izzy was a Lady, After All". Prose. 3.

Beckham, Adela. "Rain on a March morning". Poem. 6.

Beckham, Adela. "Heaven". Poem. 6.

Deane, Dorothy. "Temptation". Poem. 6.

Kellogg, Elizabeth. "Gruess Dich Gott". Prose. 7.

Nadel, Norman. "The Duchess". Poem. 8.

Dick, Pewilla. "The Sligo Fisherman". Prose. 9.

Deane, Dorothy. "Against the Winter". Poem 12.

Flory, Doris Jean. "A problem". Poem 12.

Travis, Paul Bough. "My First View of the Congo Forest". Picture. 13.

Bellows, George. "Stag at Sharkey's". Picture. 13.

B.C.W. "Aspiration". Poem. 14.

Stewart, John. "On Record". Prose 14.

Sweitzer, Harry J. "Playing Around". Prose. 15.

Ellsberg, Edward. "Book Parade: Hell on Ice". Prose. 15.

B.C.W. "End of Winter". Poem. 16.

Wiley, Thomas R. "End of Winter". Picture. 16.

Deeter, Robert. "Television, How, Where, and When". Prose. 17.

Brush, Jane. "Love A La Mode". Poem. 20.

Brush, Jane. "Radio!". Poem. 20.

Brush, Jane. "Backward Glance". Poem. 20.

Brush, Jane. "Homo Paradoxus". Poem. 20.

Brush, Jane. "The Sardonic Slant". Poem. 20.

Brush, Jane. "Baths". Prose. 20.

Wilson, Gordon. "Brushword". Cartoon. 20.


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