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Portfolio Vol. I N 1


Beckham, Adela. "Crooner". Poem. 6.

Chatten, Janet. "Adventure in the Rain". Prose. 3.

Beckham, Adela. "Magnolia Bloom". Poem. 6.

Beckham, Adela. "Jon". Poem. 6.

Vincent, Charles. "Mobilization". Prose. 6.

Taylor, Barbara. "Shanghai Diary". Prose. 7.

Dick, Pewilla. "Wind in the Bay". Poem. 10.

Hopkins, Kate. "Incident". Prose. 11.

Sivertsen, Warren. "A Glass Yarn". Prose. 13.

Sweitzer, Harry. "Playing Around". Prose. 15.

Sweitzer, Harry. "Book Parade". Prose. 15.

Schille, Alice. "Guatemala". Picture. 16.

Schille, Alice. "Portrait". Picture. 16.

Deane, Dorothy. "The Eagle and the Mole". Prose. 17.

Dick, Pewilla. "Mid-Westerners". Poem. 18.

Nadel, Norman. "Ancient Instruments Form Library Exhibit". Prose 20.

Nadel, Norman. "Messiah 32nd". Prose. 20.

Wilson, Gordon. No given name. Picture. 20.

Hunt, Margery. "Marsha Hunt: Denison Sister in Hollywood". Prose. 21.

Stewart, John . "Hot Jazz". Prose. 19.