Article Title

Moyo Vol. IX N 1


Durica, Paul. "Editor's Letter". 4.

Fisher, D. "The More you Resist, Babe, The More it Excites Me (Support for Beatty's Bid)". 5.

Ward, Luc. "The haunting of Barney Hall. Mysteries of the Fourth Floor Revealed". 6.

Million, Chris. "Not Your Crocodile Dundee (Interview with Chet Snouffer)". 8.

Curry, Kim. "Phobia or Philia? Student Questions Prejudices Against Specters". 13.

Hankinson, Tom. "Supernatural is Super-Boring. Denison Sutdent Non-Plussed by Multiple Ghostly Experiences". 20.

Anderson, Chris. "Run, Rita, Run. Denison's Marathon professor". 22.

Durica, Paul. "Night in Nine (Séance in Buxton Stirs More Than Spirits)". 10.


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