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Moyo Vol. X N 2


Million, Chris. "Editor's Letter". 4.

Kaczur, Erin. "Why It Sucks to be Human: I Would Like to Change My Casing, Not My Underwear". 5.

Dunson, Jim and Tom Hankinson. "MoYummy: Our Staff Connoisseurs Hit the Spots That Hit the Spot". 6.

Fisher, Dan. ""Happy, O Monk, Is Thy Shadow!" A "No Pluses, No Minuses" Memory of a Spiritual Friend". 10.

Reuss, Liz. "Who is S/He? Leslie Feinberg Interview Inspires Introspection". 11.

Marston, Jennifer. "MoYo Millenium Picks: Ghandi Can Forget it". 12.

Bungard, Chris. "Pop The Cork on Ireland. "Strictly No Drinking" Stritly Ignored". 13.

Wilson, Kalyn. "Pagans in print: The Craft--So Much more Than Sabrina". 14.

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Zellner, Kelli. "Denison University's Campus Compact--Myth or Reality? DU's Bubble, Burst". 17.

Hankinson, Tom. "Bureaucracy--Friend of the Common man. An Explication Rather Than an Expletive". 18.

The TasyPaycheck. "A Very "Tasty" Quiz: The Denison Social Hierarchy - Do You Cut it?" 20.

Mong, Derek. "The Armpit Epiphany". 21.

Curry, Kim. "Hot Child in The City: An Unaccustomed look Back from a Big Apple Intern". 22.

Million, Chris. "Their Last Chance!" 32.

Kovach, Steve. "Risk-y Business: Strategies for Getting More enjoyment Out of World Conquest". 34.


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