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Moyo Vol. X N 1


Million, Chris. "Coming Around to Reality: Former Cult Member Turned Editor Uses You for His Own Therapeutic Purposes". 4.

Louden, Annie. "A Disciple of Mr. Dewey, and All His Dirty Little Decimals: Confession of a Book-Hoarding Monomaniac". 5.

Soucy, Kate. "14 Days in Dumay: Reflections After a Trip to Haiti". 6.

Frieberg, Alicia. "Foreign Hostel Encounters:Ireland, Land of Ire". 8.

Fisher, Dan. "Open the Road Wider. Open The Road Wider. The Girft of the Reverend Jusan Fudo William Frank Parker". 10.

Barrett, Laura. "Requiem for "An Okay Cat". Cinema Annex Formerly Home to One Heck of an Adequate Feline". 11.

The Editors. "Late-Night Delivery Frightens Editors into Submission". 12.

2nd Chief Angel of the Quill. "A Statement from the Mystic and Calorific Band of the Wingless Angels". 13.

Miller, Jeremy. "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Keycard! Denison man Struggles to Reach Girlfriend at Medium Security Prison... er... University". 15.

Mallinger, Adam. "Cult-Invated Taste: Pop Cult Vs. Pop Culture". 16.; Million, Chris. "A Day in the Lights. A Ballet Boy's Continued Search for masculinity". 18.

Newitt, Heidi. ""Show Us Your Tits!" A Feminist Glimpse Into the Overt Misogyny in Popular Culture Today". 20.

Woods, Lindsay. "Stuck in the Doledrums. Attempted Seduction of U.S. Senator Strikes Out". 22.

Hankinson, Tom. "Wingless Angels Just a Bunch of Dorks: Denison's Secret Society-Watch Out, They Might Hit You With a Pocket Protector". 20.

Silverstein, Illana. "First Contact: Improvisational Dance on Campus". 32.

Dunson, Jim. "Philosophy of Pecan Pie: The Culmination of a Grand Tradition of Cu-lino-Epistemological Thought".

Kovach, Steve. "Empirical Test Goes Horribly Awry: Frozen Yogurt Proves Less Philosophically Fruitful than Pie". 34.


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