Mind of Your Own (Moyo) was a student-run publication of Denison University from 1991-2001. Articles ranged from political commentary, humor, interviews with musicians and actors, and campus commentary.

Cataloger's Note: Volume VI was omitted by the original editors in the sequencing of the journal.

Acknowledgments: Joshua Finnell (Humanities Librarian); Daniel Carlson (Class of 2015)

Current Issue: Volume 10, Number 2 (2000)

Front Matter



Moyo Vol. X N 2
Chris Million, Erin Kaczur, Jim Dunson, Tom Hankinson, Dan Fisher, Liz Reuss, Jennifer Marston, Chris Bungard, Kalyn Wilson, Adam Mallinger, Kelli Zellner, Derek Mong, Kim Curry, and Steve Kovach

Faculty Advisor

Fred Porcheddu


Tom Hankinson
Chris Million

Photography Editor

Adrianne Freeh

Layout Editor

Erin Kaczur

Copy Editor

Annie Louden

Business Manager

Adam Roth

Contributing Editors

Dan Fisher