Looking Back, Looking Forward


Looking Back, Looking Forward



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Denison University

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March 2013


Packet of information with flyers, announcements, biographies and photos of 1990 Women's Studies speakers and presentations. Presentations include: Rita Dove, a Pulitzer-Prize winning poet and author; BEBE MILLER, an acclaimed dancer and choreographer; JOHNNETTA COLE: Keynote Speech for the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Minority Studies/Women's Studies Requirement, Johnetta Cole, first black woman president of Spellman College;VIOLIN CONCERT: NADJA SALERNO-SONNENBERG; FOUNDER'S DAY CELEBRATION OF THE MINORITY STUDIES/WOMEN'S STUDIES REQUIREMENT;HEIDI HARTMANN: "Doing Feminist Policy Research"; MICHAEL KAUFFMAN: "WHAT MEN WILL GAIN FROM WOMEN'S LIBERATION"; ELLEN BRAVO: "WHAT'S IN STORE FOR WORKING WOMEN IN THE 1990'S"; WOMEN AND AIDS lecture/discussion; "A FEMINIST CRITIQUE OF RESEARCH IN INTERPERSONAL INTERACTION"; GENDER AND THE BODY IMAGE; WOMEN IN MIDDLE EASTERN FOLK NARRATIVE"; Dr. Frank Hale BARRIERS TO COMMUNICATION.

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