Looking Back, Looking Forward


Looking Back, Looking Forward

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Denison University

Publication Date

Spring 1982

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March 2013


Women's Studies newsletter March 1982. Contents: DEPENDENCY, Diego Ballivian; 9 TO 5, Grace McDade; WOMEN AND REVOLUTION, Jose Luis Solis; EQUALITY IN SWEDEN, Ulf Nilsson; STRUGGLE IN SOUTH AFRICA, Sita Ranchod; WOMEN IN INDIA, Anjali Rastogi; WOMEN'S WEEK CALENDAR; ANNOUNCEMENTS; INTERNSHIPS IN WOMEN'S STUDIES, Suzanne Turner; THE SECOND STAGE, John Schilb; CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR, Jackie Wenner; SLAVES OF SLAVES, Shawn McEntee; LET ME SPEAK, Shawn McEntee; PULLING OUR OWN STRINGS, POETRY, Jackie Ondy; NAPPY EDGES, Shawn McEntee.

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