Looking Back, Looking Forward


Looking Back, Looking Forward

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Denison University

Publication Date

Spring 1991

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March 2013


Spring 1991 calendar of Women's Programs, descriptions and photos. Events: Joy Harjo poetry reading, Eiko and Komo Japanese dance and choreography, Lecture: personal perspectives and personal history, Delicious Movement Workshop, Gay Awareness Week, Reverend Jan Griesinger (gay rights, religion), Celebration of Black Women's Poetry, Mary Frances Berry (All-College Convocation), Elaine Hobby (Lesbianism and Women's Studies), ZEINABU DAVIS: "Making History: The Everyday Lives of African-American Women and Film", ROSALYN BAXANDALL; "Sexual Freedom and Women's Rights", WOMEN AND LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP, POETRY READING MARILYN HACKER.

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