Looking Back, Looking Forward


Women's Studies


Looking Back, Looking Forward

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Denison University

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Fall 1992

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Fall 1992 calendar of Women's Programs with event descriptions. Events: LINDA ELLERBEE, "And So It Goes"; DR. MAUREEN YABLONSKI, "Medical Viewpoints on Menopause and Estrogen Therapy"; "The Role of Sexual and Political Images in Contemporary Art"; THE REVEREND DR. KELLY BROWN, "The Black Chuch and the Urban Crisis"; DR. MARY CLARK, "Let's Turn the World Upside Down - And See How to Fix It"; Play: "UNTIL SOMEONE WAKES UP"; PIROUZ GHAFFARI, "Women's Education in the Islamic Republic of Iran"; STEPHEN JONES, "Men Can End Rape"; DEBRA SCHIPPER, "Self-Defense and Confrontation Training For Women"; RHINE McLIN, "Women and Politics"; STEPHANIE TINGLER, soprano, with BILL OSBOURNE, pianist, "The American Muse: American Poetry and Song"; JOAN McLEAN: "Women and Politics: A Postmortem".

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