Article Title

Flamingo Vol. IV N 8


E.B. Cover. Picture. 0.

Anonymous. Untitled. Picture. 5.

Schmitz, E. Bunyan S. Spencer Professor of Philosophy. Picture. 6.

W.G. MRS. SELBY A Leap Year Story.Prose. 7.

E.B. Monkey Business. Picture. 7.

F.R. HAPPY. Poem. 8.

Anonymous. Untitled. Poem. 8.

E.B. "Harold, B'gosh, I luv yah. . ." Picture. 8.

G.W. A Leap Year Lyric. Poem. 8.


Quip. Ben Jonson Leap-Yearized. Poem. 8.

V.F. Nope I Won't. Poem. 9.

V.J. East and West. Poem. 9.

Anonymous. Front. Picture. 9.

Anonymous. Front. Poem. 9.

F.R. Untitled. Poem. 9.

V.F. Cobwebs. Poem. 9.

F.R. Just A Little Love Song. Poem. 9.

G.W. Leap Year Reflections. Prose. 10.

Anonymous. Untitled. Picture. 10.

Anonymous. Untitled. Picture. 11.

Anonymous. Untitled. Poem. 11.

Del. Ay! Ay! Picture. 12.

F.R. Ay! Ay! Poem. 12.

Anonymous. Untitled. Poem. 12.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 12.

N.H.G. Granville. Prose. 12.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 12.

Ubersax, Del. Untitled. Picture. 12.

F.R. Untitled. Poem. 12.

D. Untitled. Picture. 13.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 13.

Nat. TO WILL FROM NAT. Prose. 13.

One Whose Nose. How To Tie a Bow Tie on a Tuxedo Collar. Prose. 13.

H. Leap Year Advice "Harry, when I print a kiss on your lips, I wish you'd remember that it's not to be published," Picture. 13.

Anonymous. FEBRUARY. Prose. 14.

Anonymous. The Team. Prose. 15.

Anonymous. Untitled. Picture. 15.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 15.

Anonymous. Untitled. Picture. 15.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 15.

Bridge. Denison Comics. Picture. 16.

N.H.G. SONG STATISTICS Compiled for 1923. Prose. 18.

Anonymous. Untitled. Picture. 19.

Anonymous. Untitled. Poem. 19.

H. "This We Dedicate to the All-Shepardson Dance." Picture. 20.

Anonymous. Untitled. Poem. 20.


Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 20.

W.J. Untitled. Poem. 20.

W.C.B. He: "How d'yah get that way?" Picture. 20.

Anonymous. MOST ANYTHING — OUR OWN —. Prose. 21.

E.B. and F.R. De Cop Wot. Picture/Poem. 21.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 21.

Anonymous. PAGE BAALAM! Prose. 21.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 21.

Anonymous. Untitled. Poem. 21.

N.H.G. Denison Customs. Prose. 21.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 21.

Davis. One: "I'm through with Grace for good." Picture. 21.

Anonymous. "What a whale of a difference a few 'scents' make." Picture. 22.

Boston Transcript. EXPENSES PAID. Prose. 25.

Lemon Punch. Untitled. Prose. 25.

Brown Jug. Untitled. Prose. 25.

Froth. Untitled. Prose. 25.

Medley. Untitled. Prose. 25.

Swiped. STRICTLY GERM-PROOF. Poem. 26.

Voo Doo. Untitled. Prose. 26.

Kasper. WELL, YES. Prose. 28.

The Wasp. Another Species. Prose. 31.

Texas Ranger. Untitled. Prose. 31.

Reel, Virginia. Untitled. Prose. 31.

Punch Bowl. He Knew the Girl. Prose. 31.

Lampoon. Untitled. Prose. 31.

Black and Blue Jay. Untitled. Prose. 32.