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Flamingo Vol. I N 2


Exchange. "Skin Tight". Prose. 1.

Yale Record. Untitled. Prose. 1.

Orange Peel. Untitled. Prose. 1

Judge. Untitled. Prose. 1.

Jester. Untitled. Prose. 1.

Virginia Reel. Untitled. Prose. 1.

Punch Bowl. Untitled. Prose. 1.

Octopus. Untitled. Prose. 1.

Jester. "For The Backward Reader". Poem. 2.

Scalper. Untitled. Prose. 2.

Sun Dial. "Yea, Shakespeare". Prose. 2.

Sun Dial. "Refined". Prose. 2.

Squib. "Do Tell". Poem. 2.

Reel, Virginia. "A Hot One". Prose. 2.

Reel, Virginia. "Joking A Side". Prose. 2.

Widow. "Craughty". Poem. 2.

Widow. "Even His Hair Was Wavy". Poem. 2.

Funk, Dorothy K. Untitled. Picture. 3.

Anonymous. Untitled. Picture. 4.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 4.

Vogel, William. "The Castle Legend". Prose. 5.

Anonymous. Untitled. Poem. 8.

Anonymous. "He Got Two Weeks". Prose. 8.

Anonymous. "Agitato". Poem. 8.

Anonymous. "A Ballad of Loga Rithm, The Trigonometric Dragon". Poem. 8.

Anonymous. "Zowie". Prose. 8.

Anonymous. "To Our Alumni". Poem. 8.

Anonymous. "Moving Letters". Poem. 8.

Anonymous. "A Curious Phenomenon". Poem. 8.

Anonymous. "Toward The End of The Month". Poem. 8.

Steacock, Phelan. "A Senseless Novel". Prose. 9.

Anonymous. "Some Jesne!". Poem. 9.

Breeze, Dorothy. "Stained Glass Windows". Prose. 10.

Anonymous. "Artistic Mamma!". Prose. 10.

Funk, Dorothy K. "Facially Speaking". Prose. 11.

A.F.T. "Denisonisms". Poem. 11.

Anonymous. Untitled. Poem. 11.

Anonymous. "How Provoking". Prose. 11.

Holt, Kilburn. "The Upward Trend of a Hillside". Prose. 12.

Funk, Dorothy K. Untitled. Picture. 13.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 13.

Anonymous. "Redbird". Poem. 14.

Anonymous. "Bright". Poem. 14.

E.D.T. "Elusion". Poem. 14.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 14.

Anonymous. "Chapin Walk". Prose. 14.

Anonymous. "Denison's Hall of Fame". Prose. 15.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 16.

Anonymous. "Finis". Prose. 18.

Anonymous. "Manlet's Soliloquy". Poem. 18.

Anonymous. "A Song". Prose. 18.

Anonymous. "Pity The Poor Millionaire". Prose. 18.

Anonymous. "Great Expectations". Prose. 18.

Anonymous. "A Study In Still Life". Picture. 18.

Anonymous. "A Vision of Creation". Prose. 19.

Anonymous. "50,000 B.C.". Prose. 19.

Anonymous. "Now He Knows Better". Prose. 19.

Anonymous. "It Is The Common Belief That:". Prose. 19.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 19.

A.M.S. "Who Am I and What?" Prose. 20.

Orange Ade. "The Fables of the Efficient K.M.". Prose. 21.

Orange Ade. "On Ice". Prose. 21.

Orange Ade. "Famous Sayings". Prose. 21.

Orange Ade. "Youth and Age Again". Prose. 21.

Orange Ade. "Oh, That's Right!". Prose. 21.

Orange Ade. "H.C.L.". Prose. 21.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 22.

Jack, O. "A Walking Date". Poem. 22.

Anonymous. "Crescendo". Poem. 22.

Anonymous. "The College". Prose. 23.

Quinn, Alonzo. "Necks". Prose. 24.

Anonymous. "These Women". Prose. 25.

Anonymous. "Recommended Readings In Shakespeare". Prose. 25.

Anonymous. "The Saturday Line-Up". Prose. 25.

Anonymous. "We Know Him". Prose. 25.

Anonymous. "In Ye Good Old Days". Prose. 25.

Anonymous. "Lament". Prose. 25.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 25.

Anonymous. "Galloping Dominoes". Prose. 26.

Anonymous. "Left Standing". Prose. 26.

Anonymous. "By All Means". Prose. 26.

Anonymous. "Haw! Haw! Tha'sh A Good One". Prose. 26.

Anonymous. "A Definition". Prose. 28.

Funk, Dorothy K. "A Definition". Picture. 28.

Anonymous. "A Foul Plot". Prose. 28.

Anonymous. "Wild West Etiquette". Prose. 28.

Anonymous. "What A College Education Can Do". Prose. 28.

Anonymous. "Efficiency Plus in The Recorder's Office". Prose. 29.

Reel, Virginia. Untitled. Prose. 32.

Judge. "A Definition". Prose. 32.

Jester. "One Terrible Drop". Poem. 32.

Voo-Doo. "Strange". Prose. 32.

Reel, Virginia. "The Female of the Species". Prose. 32.

Mugwump. Untitled. Prose. 32.

Yale Record. Untitled. Prose. 32.

Tiger. Untitled. Prose. 32.

Yale Record. "That's Us". Prose. 32.

Lord Jeff. "In The Mist". Prose. 32.

Lord Jeff. Untitled. Prose. 32.

Gargoyle. Untitled. Prose. 32.

McNeil, A.M. "An Apology". Poem. 34.

Grogan. "A Case of Identity". Picture. 31.

Keeler, Clyde. Untitled. Prose. 8.

Keeler, Clyde. Untitled. Picture. 18.

Keeler, Clyde. Untitled. Picture. 25.

Shumaker, A.M. "Who Am I and What?" Prose. 20.

Dickerman, C.H. Untitled. Prose. 14.


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