Article Title

Flamingo Vol. I N 1


Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 1.

DKF. Untitled. Picture. 3.

Holt, Kilburn. Untitled. Poem. 4.

Anonymous. "An Ancient Reporter". Prose. 5.

Anonymous. "The Neophyte's Prayer". Poem. 6.

Anonymous. "Gone-But Not Forgotten". Poem. 6.

R.D.B. Untitled. Picture. 6.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 6.

Anonymous. "Thrice Weekly". Prose. 7.

Anonymous. "Yus!". Prose. 7.

Anonymous. "'S Truth!". Prose. 8.

Anonymous. "Tick-Tock: A Calamietta". Prose. 8.

Holt, Kilburn. "Spring". Poem. 9.

Anonymous. Untitled. Poem. 9.

Anonymous. "Which best Applies". Poem. 9.

R.D.B. Untitled. Picture. 9.

Anonymous. "The Circular Hunt of 1823". Prose. 9.

Anonymous. "Sad-But True". Poem. 10.

Bovington. "Sad - But True". Cartoon. 10.

Anonymous. "Going to the Farm". Prose. 11.

Anonymous. Untitled. Picture. 12.

Anonymous. Untitled. Poem. 12.

Anonymous. "'Twas Ever Thus". Prose. 12.

A.F.T. "Two Triolets". Poem. 13.

Anonymous. "Santa Claus Opens a Factory In Granville". Prose. 13.

Anonymous. Untitled. Picture. 14.

Anonymous. Untitled. Poem. 14.

Anonymous. "So Would We". Poem. 14.

Anonymous. "The Sequence of Love". Poem. 14.

Anonymous. "A Letter From the Sem-And A Heartless Reply". Prose. 15.

Anonymous. "Galoshes". Poem. 15.

Anonymous. Untitled. Poem. 15.

Dickerman, C.H. "A Chaucer". Poem. 13.

Funk, Dorothy K. Untitled. Picture. 8.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 16.

Anonymous. "Add Horrors of War". Poem. 17.

Hooper, Osman C. "The Song of The Spring". Poem. 18.

Flory, Walter L. "The Daily Struggle". Poem. 18.

Flory, Walter L. "Exasperation". Poem. 18.

MacCune, Julia Hall. "On Sugar Loaf". Poem. 18.

LaRue, Fred S. "Behind The Gym". Poem. 18.

Anonymous. Untitled. Picture. 19.

Anonymous. "The Red Rag Doll". Poem. 19.

Anonymous. "You Say It Is!". Poem. 19.

Anonymous. Untitled. Poem. 19.

Anonymous. "Denison's Hall of Fame". Poem. 20.

Holt, Kilburn. "Tempus Fugit". Poem. 21.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 21.

Widow. "The War Game". Prose. 21.

Anonymous. Untitled. Picture. 21.

Widow. "Ah! Cribbing!". Poem. 22.

Widow. "Imposition". Poem. 22.

Widow. Untitled. Prose. 22.

Orange Peel. Untitled. Prose. 22.

Record. Untitled. Prose. 22.

Awgwan. Untitled. Prose. 22.

Purple Cow. Untitled. Prose. 22.

Anonymous. "Chapel Singing School". Poem. 23.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 24.

Anonymous. "Three Types of Villain". Prose. 25.

Orange Peel. "To a Pencil". Poem. 27.

Jester. "What Men Like in Women". Prose. 27.

Burr. Untitled. Poem. 27.

Wampus. Untitled. Prose. 27.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 27.

Judge. "Spare Her Blushes". Prose. 27.

Awgwan. Untitled. Poem. 27.

Tiger. Untitled. Poem. 27.

Tiger. Untitled. Poem. 29.

Widow. Untitled. Prose. 29.

Orange Peel. Untitled. Prose. 29.

Anonymous. "Low Cut". Prose. 29.

Jester. "Fine! Fine!". Prose. 29.

Chaparal. Untitled. Prose. 31.

Sun Dodger. "All In The Type". Prose. 31.

Orange Peel. Untitled. Prose. 31.

Voo-Doo. Untitled. Prose. 31.

Jester. "Hot Stuff". Prose. 32.

Orange Peel. Untitled. Prose. 32.

Virginia Reel. Untitled. Prose. 32.

Burr. Untitled. Prose. 32.

Tiger. Untitled. Prose. 32.

Keeler, Clyde. Untitled. Picture. 15

Keeler, Clyde. Untitled. Picture. 23.


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