2084 Quartet, Book 2

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Greetings and the Big Picture

Welcome to the world of 2084 Quartet. Please know that it can be a violent, deceptive, and at times uncanny place. It might also be someplace where we’re all headed—if we’re not already halfway there.

2084 Quartet is a work of science fiction in the vein of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale or, more recently, The MaddAddam Trilogy and The Testaments. Like those works, my novels are dystopian speculative fiction and dark social satire envisioning an apocalyptic near-future. The broad action of these novels is the conflict and eventual warfare between a North American corporate state called TexArc versus a European commonwealth called EVe. As such, 2084 Quartet delivers a provocative warning: our current social-economic-political organization is horribly flawed; we must change course now or catastrophe is guaranteed.

Put more plainly: Duh.

2084 Quartet is a tetralogy—a series of four novels. They are:

Book 1: Signifier/

Book 2: /Signified

Book 3: The Cure of All

Book 4: White Nights and Yellow Laughter

2084 Quartet is a work-in-progress. Book 1 and Book 2 are complete, ready for publication, and coming your way. Book 3 is well into draft stage. Book 4 is in planning stage.


You Can Trust Your Car to the Man Who Wears the Star

Chapter 1: The Simulacrum

Chapter 2: It’s the Water

Chapter 3: Oak, Pharaoh

Chapter 4: Lord of Misrule

Chapter 5: Great Salt Lake Desert Storm

Chapter 6: Optimism of the Will

Chapter 7: Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine

Chapter 8: This is the End


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