Rant Against the Regime

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Excerpt from the author's blog:

Everything is culture (even “nature”). So we might as well look into it. Like, really look into it. Rant Against the Regime takes that hard look—not just at culture but, likewise, at interesting ways to think about culture.

What sort of cultural stuff are we taking a hard look at?

All sorts. Movies, politics, current events, literature, media, social issues/practices/beliefs of every stripe, education, money, language, sports, advertising, technology, whatever is coming at us over all these streaming services nowadays. You know: Culture. No real limits on the stuff.

What kinds of “interesting ways” are we talking about?

Only really interesting and different ways to look at culture. Some you might be familiar with. Others you’ve never heard of before. Some that will be right up your alley. Others that you might despise. A few so off-the-wall that you’ll be scratching your head. We’ll see. Keep reading.

Why keep reading?

Because, arguably, a valuable mental habit to develop is identifying and questioning all the things we tend to take for granted. All the so-called “normal.” Why don’t we think about this stuff? Are we just lazy or naïve or gullible or self-satisfied? Or are there other factors at play? Factors suggesting a darker side to the question? Might there be artful persuasion involved? Active training? Maybe even some muscular prohibition? Hmm. What is it that keeps us in our restricted thinking lanes?


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