Robert & Muriel or, If You Think of the Girl You Love Too Much As Someday Being Bald, You Can Always Remain Aloof by Johnathan Reynolds 7-14

Quentin Marsh by Margaret Polishook 15

Used To Be by Susan Smith 17-23

It Was a Chatham Day by Caroline Baird 33-37

Where All the Artists Go by George Estes 41-43

September by Cynthia Winzeler 45-50


Carthartes Aura by Richard Boyer 27-29


To A Mouse by Kay Stein 24-25

Poem by Christine Cooper 26

For Sylvia Plath by Robert Hoyt 26

On Studying Shakespeare by Christine Cooper 29

Song by Judith Pyster 30-31

Prestidigitation by Michael Glaser 37

Poem by Sarah Conway 39

Poem by Barbara Thiele 50

An Old Man's Lament by Robert Hoyt 51


Pastel by Lynne Wiley 4

Pen Drawing by Elizabeth Surbeck 6

Pen Sketch by Martha Merselis 14

Pen and Ink by Matha Merselis 16

Brush Drawing by Martha Merselis 24

Pen Sketches by Martha Merselis 30

Pencil Drawing by Patterson Bouic 32

Pen and Ink by Katheryn Knapp 38

Brush Drawing by Sara Henry 40

Pen and Ink by Martha Merselis 44


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