Himself by James Kennedy 9-30

Sardo by Joan Harrington 34-36

Doll House by Bruce Tracy 37-42

The Della Baby by Brenda Dean 47-53

Cruel White by Carolyn Colley 57-66

Almost Every Sunday by Sara Easton Curtis 69-74

A Family by William Weaver 78-86


Spring Songs by Janet Tallman 32-33

Poem by Katherine Lardner 42

Four Poems by Elizabeth Surbeck 43

Indian Pike Mask by James Funaro 44

The Windigo by James Funaro 45

Query by Barbara Purdy 53

A Taste of Eden by Barbara Purdy 53

The Passion of Jeremiah by Barbara Purdy 53

Statement and Comment by Enid Larimer 54-55

Poem by Barbara Thiele 56

Poem by Catherine Thompson 68

Drifting into a Museum Case by Catherine Thompson 68

To Judy by Tanya Shriver 76-77

Sun One by Sara Easton Curtis 86

Poem by Christine Cooper 87


woodcut by Catherine Thompson 8

etching by Catherine Thompson 17

Two Models (aquatint) by Virginia Piersol 31

woodcut by Elizabeth Surbeck 46

woodcut by Virginia Piersol 67

linocut by John Hand 75


Wintering by James W Kennedy 5-7

"Poem" 68 "Drifting into a Museum Case" 68 and "To Judy" 76 are all incorrectly attributed to Barbara Thiele in the published Table of Contents. The attributions given above are taken from the pages on which the works are published. The "Contributors" section of this issue confirms this interpretation.

Awarded the EXILE-Denison Bookstore Writing Prize: Himself by James Kennedy 9-30


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