Volume 65, Number 1 (2019)

Emily Ables is a senior English (creative writing) major from Columbus, Ohio.

Liz Anastasiadis is a sophomore English (creative writing) major with a concentration in narrative journalism from Warren, Ohio. She loves coffee, cats, fashion, traveling, and music. You can usually find her in Slayter, working, studying, or delivering newspapers. Liz is managing editor of The Denisonian and a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. She shares her photography on the Instagram page “@writertraveler.” She likes to tell stories because without them we wouldn’t have anything to talk about.

Elizabeth Arterberry is a sophomore philosophy and English creative writing double-major with a minor in French. Outside of academics, she works as a resource assistant for the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity, endeavors to be an active member of KKG, and writes for the Bullsheet.

Ginsy Barnes is a first-year student, majoring in studio art from Raleigh, North Carolina. She is a big fan of the color blue.

Shanti Basu is a junior communication major with a concentration in narrative journalism. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she is most enthused by good food, great people, new places, and the endlessly inspiring idiosyncrasies of human nature.

Ben Bowers is a junior geoscience major with a concentration in narrative journalism. He enjoys listening to outdated music formats, birdwatching, and recovering stories once lost to time. Ben grew up in Ada, Ohio and hopes to be an archivist after graduating.

Jaley Bruursema is a junior anthropology/sociology major with a Spanish minor. She is currently abroad in Buenos Aires, where she spends her time exploring and struggling to understand the porteño accent.

Rosa Canales is a junior English (Literature) and German double-major. She is currently studying abroad in Heidelberg, Germany for the spring and summer.

Imani Congdon is a junior classical studies and English double-major. She has spent much of her life involved in the arts, starting violin and voice training at a very young age, and writing creatively throughout primary school.

Savannah Delgross is a senior English (Literature) major and communication minor, concentrating in narrative journalism, from Vermilion, Ohio. she has served as managing editor of The Denisonian, studied abroad in Prague as a Gilman scholar, and completed two summer internships at the Virginia Quarterly Review and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Currently, she works in the narrative journalism department and helps Dr. Shuler edit the online magazine Between Coasts. Soon after graduation, she is attending a dentist appointment.

Olivia Durham is a senior studio art major and art history minor from Denver, Colorado. She works primarily in mixed media painting and collage, exploring themes of mental illness, the body/mind, emotion, gender, and identity.

Cassandra Fleming is a senior Communication major and English minor from Pittsburgh, PA. When not writing, she can be found reading, hiking, and practicing fiddle. She’d like to thank her parents, sister, uncle, and boyfriend for putting up with years of terrible puns.

Micah Frenkiel is a junior English (creative writing) major. She like Judd Apatow movies and hates the sound of two pieces of Styrofoam rubbing against each other.

Stella Gewirz is a sophomore English (creative writing) major. She is a member of Delta Gamma and Ladies’ Night Out acapella group. Stella grew up in a tight-knit family with two older siblings, and two pet corgis (Radish and Polly), in Washington, DC. She prides herself on having a decent taste in music, having horrible handwriting for a writer, and being strangely tall. When it comes to writing, Stella considers herself a beginner. She loves writing memoirs and short fiction.

Kevin Gomes is a senior political science major and studio art minor from Boston, MA. As a soon to become alumni, Kevin hopes to continue to grow as a photographer, while also narrowing his focus for what he wants to pursue as a professional career.

Mikey Hernández is a senior international studies and Spanish double major from the Bronx. He loves languages and hopes to become a polyglot.

Gabe Kaminsky is a first-year student from Philadelphia, PA. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and reading. He is currently considering majors in English and philosophy.

Molly Keisman is a senior communication major, concentrating in narrative journalism, from NYC. She is a member of the Denison Film Society, a communication fellow, a consultant at the Writing Center, and occasionally writes for the Off-Campus Study Office. Last year, she studied abroad in Morocco. After graduation, she will move to Mozambique for the Peace Corps.

Mara Kilgore is a senior mathematics major and classical studies minor, concentrating in narrative journalism, from Columbus, Ohio.

Sophia Menconi is a junior English (creative writing) and theatre double-major. This is her third time contributing to Exile. On campus, she is an editor for The Synapse and The Articulate. She loves every cat in the world.

Josi Miller is a junior from Indianapolis, IN, majoring in Spanish and anthropology/sociology. She enjoys cooking and traveling with her family and as well as working with oil paints and clay.

Diana Muha is a senior from Cleveland, Ohio, majoring in communication with a minor in English and a concentration in narrative journalism. She is an editor of Exile and is excited to have her work published before she graduates!

Lexi Noga is a first-year student from Western, MA, double-majoring in religion and English (creative writing).

Sam Rice is a senior English (creative writing) and music major from Columbus, Ohio. He focuses on poetry and is currently finishing a full-length poetry manuscript for his senior English project. Outside of writing, he enjoys performing in the Denison Bluegrass Ensemble and is applying for English-Teaching fellowships to Germany and Austria.

Grace Rooney is a senior international studies and French double-major who spent a semester in Senegal. She loves a good conspiracy theory.

Michaela Shea-Gander is a senior communication concentrating in narrative journalism. Currently, she interns for the university communications office and writes for Study Breaks Magazine. Last year, she studied abroad in New Zealand and hopes to return someday. She grew up in Brattleboro, VT. and hopes to move to a city after graduation.

Temitope Sholola is a Nigerian-American writer from Lynn, MA. She is a black studies and English (creative writing) double-major, and she hopes to pursue a degree in African-Literature.

Taylor Shook is a junior political science major, concentrating in narrative journalism, from Hilliard, Ohio. She likes cooking and dumpster diving.

Priscilla Sullivan is a senior communication major and studio art minor from Swampscott, MA. She makes work using digital art and mixed media.

Alexandra Terlesky is a junior English (creative writing) major and studio art minor who is studying abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France. She is considering minoring in French. She currently has no idea what she wants to do with these studies, but she finds special effects in movies super fascinating and hopes that her skills in photoshop and other computer programs will eventually lead her to doing something in that field!

Cody Tieman is a junior English (creative writing) major and women’s and gender studies minor. When he isn’t writing, he loves to go to local drag queen shows or work on his digital art.

Dylan Walczak is a first-year student double-majoring in English (creative writing) and political science, concentrating in narrative journalism. He plans on either attending law school or pursuing a master’s degree in journalism.



Her (Photograph)
Kevin Gomes


Familial Fruit
Emily Ables


The Crow
Cody Tieman


Temitope Sholola


Aams for A (Art)
Shanti Basu


Alexandra Terlesky


The Floor is Lava
Liz Anastasiadis


Thetis at the River
Sophia Menconi


Cassandra Fleming


Shanti Basu


Grace Value (Photographs)
Mikey Hernández


Stella Gewirz


Train Race
Michaela Shea-Gander


Elizabeth Arterberry


Staring at The Sun
Sophia Menconi


Dylan Walczak


The 'Master Model'
Mara Kilgore


Jaley Bruursema


A Barbie World
Diana Muha


Notes on Snow Cones
Taylor Shook


Cherry Pit-Picking
Imani Congdon


My Dad
Micah Frenkiel


Before The Bachelor Brainwashes You...
Savannah Delgross and Molly Keisman