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Exile Vol. LIX


Creamery Road: Makenzie Shaw 7

Ears to the Ground: Daniel Persia 9

Erosion: Adrienne Violand 10

River Talk: Mia Juratovac 12

Sun King 1 and 2: Jillian Koval 16, 17

Winter Came Twice, That Year: Autumn Stiles 18

Iceland: Zoe Drazen 19

Crimes So Great: Emily Metcalf 20

Tori's Garden: Nick Borbe 26

Starry, Starry Night: Quiyi Tang 27

Swans, His Shadow, Suburban Housewives: Jillian Koval 28

Departure: Adrienne Violand 29

Stacks ML410.B34: Lindsey Clark 31

True Oysters: Autumn Stiles 32

Baking Cookies: Hannah Chiodo 33

The Chinese Lady: Quiyi Tang 41

Our Ice: Daniel Persia 42

Christmas without Armistice: Zoe Drazen 43

Barn Dance: Brittany Menning 44

A Shell of My Former Self: Jenna Mansfield 45

The Closet Door: Sam Heyman 46

Toy Camera: Tawnee GreenRiver 56

Slayter Sushi: Kristof Oltvai 57

Jou Va Jou Vyin: Hannah Chiodo 58

The Dead: Sam Heyman 59

Woman with Sunglasses: Tawnee GreenRiver 61

ugly grey 2003 sedan: Kelsey Hagarman 62

Beth and Bridget’s Patterson House: Lindsay Martin 63


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