Article Title

Exile Vol. LVIII


Autumn Stiles: Biblical Brooklyn 5

Daniel Carlson: A Night Indoors 6

Moriah Ellenborgen: Cradle Drop 8

Nicco Pandolfi: Cardinality 10

Abby Current: Babies in the Snow 11

Maggie Reagan: Chimaera 13

Natalie Olivo: Treading Water 14

Julianne Hyer: Swatch Watch 21

Mimi Mendes de Leon: For Bosnia 23

A. Tangredi: How to Keep from Freezing 24

Autumn Stiles: Bodies and Bread 25

Christie Maillet: The Depth of a Song 26

Sam Heyman: First Kiss 27

Shawn Whites: Five Hundred Miles to Freedom 28

Ammon Hollister: Temptation 31

Caroline Clutterbuck: The Conspiracy in Your Smile 32

Nicco Pandolfi: Sore Subject 33

Meghan Callahan: Why Claire Left 34

Aaron Bennett: Ode to Arden 36

Daniel Carlson: Duty 37

Lindsey Clark: Snapshot 38

Steph Maniaci: Ode to an M&M 39

Abby Current: The Animal Bride 41

Julianne Hyer: Trees Pantoum 42

Ammon Hollister: Life Support 43

Maggie Reagan: Necropolis 44/


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