Article Title

Exile Vol. LVII


Spence, Caroline:
To Lose a Brother 7
Frances in Three Parts 8-11

Current, Abby:
February's Belly 12
Selkie Woman 13-14

Callahan, Meghan:
Whirl 15
Halloween 25-26
cool 27-29
Faith 39-40
Bookish (cover)

Eden, Tristan:
Runaway 16
Sharkey's Philadelphia 17

Heestand, Ashley:
Tragedy, 1979 18-24

Persia, Danny:
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 30-33
Hymn to Satan 34-37

DiMartini, Amanda:
untitled 38

Bullock, Karen:
Gypsies 41-42

Swensson, Ellie:
Phenomenology 43-44
Snow 45-47

Moran, Megan:
untitled 48
untitled 58

Whites, Shawn:
The Woman Across the Alley 49-57
Roozeboom, Nikki: Stain 59
Distant 60-61

Ferguson, Brittani:
That Dusty Italian Dugout 62-63
Gateway 64

Burdoff, Holly:
Transitions 65


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