Article Title

Exile Vol. LIV


51st Year

An Imaginary Conversation 6

Deliberate Fire-Building 7

Hypoestes Phyllostachya 9

Letters to God 10

Red 11-17

The Fish Plastique 18-19

Tartar/Dissident 20

Mnemonics 21

Music Lessons 22-23

Paralytic (1) 24

There She Was 25-34

Jenny and the Baby 35-42

The Blacker the Berry 43

The Man I Saw Outside Post 375 44

Scientific Notation 45

Tied Up 46

Sons of Confederate Veterans 47-48

Tenth Wheel Semi 49

Wake 50

View From the Eyak Salmon Runs 51

How It Might Have Been 52-54

Buried 55-56

Late July 57

We Kissed Three Times 58-59

Mr. Jones 60-62

The Pseudo Coup 63-79

A Note To Fundamentalists On Evolution 80

"Editor's Note / While I cringe at the use of sports terminology in literary writing, this was something of a rebuilding year for Exile. It was only through the dedication and assistance of certain Denison staff and students that we were able to revive a lagging program. To Dr. Baker and Anneliese Davis I give my deepest thanks; without your logistical assistance, this publication certainly would not have gone to print. To all the coeditors (Katie, Anne, Jayme, Jess, Halle, Jenny, Carlin, Leah, Laura, Mad, Jacs, and Lauren), my warm thanks for your efforts and my sympathies for having had to deal with me. To our graduating editors, our best wishes on your lives in the "real" world off the hill. / Spring 2008" -5


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