Title Page 2

Epigraph by Ezra Pound 3

Table of Contents 4

Editor's Note 6

Contributors' Notes 45

Editorial Board 46


Wallace Monument by Casey Flax 9

Blind Man by Abbe Wright 18

Untitled by Adrienne Hunter 20

Sentinel by Eric Ahnmark 28

Untitled by Abbe Wright 32

Under Charles by Medha Jaishankar 43


The Great Lego Wall by Dawson West 12-16

Gods by Nick Wright 21-24

Some Days Hit like Mack Trucks by Sarah Broderick 33-42


The Liberation from Jack Kerouac by Katie Berta 7-8

Fragmented Grief by Jen Humbert 10

Rauschenberg Painting Iris Clért by Jeremy Heartberg 11

Outgrowing by Sarah Rogers 17

Garden of Eden by Jen Humbert 19

She whispered to the moon by Dave Murrin-von Ebers 25

A Joke by Jeremy Heartberg 26

Retrospective by Casey Flax 27

Ketchup Fetish by Dawson West 29

Winter Raspberries by Jennifer Luebbers 30-31

Knot by Sarah Rogers 44

"Editor's Note

The process by which Exile comes into being each semester is by no means a quick or simple one, and was further confounded in this instance by having me at its core. I do not necessarily mean to discredit myself ad nauseam as some editors would, but they will all tell you that transitional periods are the toughest on a publication. The collaborative effort of Jeremy Heartberg and Jennifer Humbert over the past several semesters, not to mention the competent and eager editorial staff they have recruited, has seen to it that the transition made in these past few months has not been bulky or awkward, but rather quite seamless. It is appropriate then, that the two of them are both prominently featured in the edition of Exile on which you presently fix your gaze. In recent years, you have benefited from Jeremy's and Jen's dedication to Exile as a whole; this year, enjoy their dedication to the flexibility and nuance of language, to the manipulation of form, to poetry. Jeremy, Jen, Sarah, and Emily, thank you, you will be missed. / April 2006" -6

"Front Cover Art by Chris Davis: "Reflections" / Back Cover Art by Eric Ahnmark: "Trucks Only" -46

"All submissions are reviewed on an anonymous basis, and all editorial decisions are shared equally among the members of the editorial board." -46


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