Article Title

Exile Vol. LII No. 1


49th Year

Title page 2

Epigraph by Ezra Pound 3

Table of Contents 4

Contributors' Notes 51-52

Editorial Board 53


Arboreal Camoflage by Mark Williams 6

Strength by Mike Queen 8

Untitled by Jon Efe 16

Untitled by Jon Efe 18

Release with the Sun by Chih Ling Chou 28

Mornings by David Savoie 30

Cloud Crest by Medha Jaishankar 35

Ponder by Mike Queen 37

Untitled by David Savoie 49


Cerveca Andaluce by Sarah Clapp 9-15

Needles in my Eyes by Ian Conwell 21-27

A Little Slice of Noir by Zach Walters 31-34

from Marginalia by Sarah Broderick 39-48


For Borges by Ian Conwell 5

Petunia by Sarah Bishop 7

Girl in Woods Pond by Jess Haberman 17

The Problem I Have with Feminism by Katie 19-20

The Flight by Sarah Bishop 29

Literary Guillotine by Diamond Sankey 36

Seaside Cologne by Caitlyn Closser 38

Lyric Exploited (anonymous) 50

NOTE: the fiction piece Cerveca Andaluce by Sarah Clapp is incorrectly listed as beginning on page 10 in the published table of contents. It actually begins on page 9.

"All submissions are reviewed on an anonymous basis, and all editorial decisions are shared equally among the members of the editorial board." -53

"Cover Art by Medha Jaishankar: "The Heffner View of Chicago" -53

"Printed by Printing Arts Press" -53


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