Article Title

Exile Vol. LI No. 1


48th Year

Title Page 2

Epigraph by Ezra Pound 3

Table of Contents 4

Contributors' Notes 43-44

Editorial Board 45


Prelude to Keepin it Real by John Buchanon 6

Untitled by Meredith Helfrich 12

Cogitating by Adrienne Hunter 16

Milk Bucket by Jen Keehner 18

Untitled by David Savoie 25

Future by Jed Finley 28

Untitled by Kim Archibald 29

Untitled by Kim Archibald 30

Untitled by Madeline Mohre and David Savoie 31

Untitled by Katherine G. Arbrust 32

Coffee or Tea by Alice Sommer 40

Untitled by Meredith Helfrich 42


Truth be Told by Lauryn Dwyer 7-11

Poker Night at Shaws by Julian Ybarra 13-15

Jesus Christ Took My Baby Away by David Lovett 19-24

Little Pieces of A Mind I Once Owned by Reyan Ali 33-39


The Death of Phaethon by Sarah Bishop 5

Fall by Jess Haberman 17

Sonnets for the Musician that I Loved by Sarah Bishop 26-27

Tainted Memories of June by Melissa Holm 41

"All submissions are reviewed on an anonymous basis, and all editorial decisions are shared equally among the members of the Editorial Board." -45

"Special Thanks to Ron Abram and Alexander Mouton" -45

"Printed by Printing Arts Press" -45


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